Seven day

for LGBTQ+ folks


Seven days of journal prompts, activities, and affirmation exercises to inspire reflection and empowerment

(plus another seven days of prompts and affirmations!!)

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Over seven days, get ready to...

  • Explore empowering, daily affirmations

  • Answer reflective questions designed to question negative mindsets and set (and achieve) action-oriented goals!

  • Set aside heteronormative and cisnormative expectations to center on your most authentic self!

  • Then, another set of prompts for seven days are INCLUDED!

How does it work?

  • Tied to your smart device? Use our custom community app to unlock new affirmations and questions each day

  • Prefer typing on a desktop? Follow along on our myJournal website, where you can reflect in a private journal and revisit your entries anytime

  • Like the feeling of paper and pen? Print our custom workbook! Or, pick and choose what pages to print!

  • Or...whatever combination of the options you want!

Start whenever...

...on your own pace!

coming soon!