With a doctorate in organizational leadership, and empathy their core value, Dr. Brandon Barile facilitates participants of all ages and professions in creating queer-accepting and culturally competent (and congruent) communities, with congruent policies, procedures, and practices that support the LGBTQ+ community.

A Long Island transplant to upstate New York, they develop resiliency and creative problem-solving abilities to research, identify, implement, and assess opportunities that exceed expectations.


As an established higher education professional bridging academic and co-curricular landscapes, Brandon is currently a dean of students at a small, private liberal arts institution and Assistant Professor/Instructor of LGBTQ+ and Communication Studies. 


Tapping into participants' lived experiences to enhance empathy and community, Brandon focuses on gender inclusivity, how 'norms' are communicated through policy and practice, and develops empathy through applied emotional intelligence. A student affairs professional, emotional intelligence and leadership skills developer, instructor of LGBT Studies and communication courses, and researcher into LGBTQ+ issues, Brandon has authored courses on developing effective leadership training and An Emotionally Intelligent You, a guidebook for college students to develop their emotional intelligence. Brandon provides insight into building connections across often-siloed organizations.

Brandon has consulted for colleges and universities, served as a national subject matter expert in learning outcome assessment and curriculum design in professional and paraprofessional training, and provided benchmark consulting as a departmental external reviewer. They defended their dissertation at Northeastern University, focusing their studies on the intersection of organizational leadership and  the lived experiences of queer senior student affairs officers. Supervising two student research followers at neighboring colleges, Brandon's current qualitative, phenomenological research focus is gaining insight into the lived experience of higher education professionals who do not utilize she or he pronouns. 

Recognized nationally for research and locally for practice, Brandon is committed to advocating for social justice and equity, whether it is in the classroom, through the creation of co-curricular programming, fundraising, or training participants to challenge their belief systems and build inclusive communities.