Coaching is a great way to identify and address standstills in life, careers, projects, and other areas. Through conversation and reflection, a coach can provide powerful prompts that allows breakthrough reflections and commitment planning.  

Brandon provides coaching for a variety of needs, including personal and professional coaching focused on well-being and emotional intelligence. 


As a researcher and educator, Brandon also provides coaching and consulting on dissertation writing, qualitative research, and
(co-)curricular assessment. 


One hour, individual sessions

Let's do the work together! We'll identify your standstills and create a way forward, with check-ins along  the way:

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What's standing in your way? How are you standing in your own way?

  • What are the opportunities to move forward?

  • What can we do, today or tomorrow, to advance your  goal?



360° Coaching

One hour coaching sessions weekly plus unlimited access to myEQ course.

In addition to 4 one-on-one  coaching sessions (once per week for one month), you'll receive access to an emotional intelligence assessment that will ground our work together, and a self-paced online course, myEQ.



Dissertation Coaching

One hour sessions and editing

From creating a structured work plan to helping with motivation and grasping qualitative research and coding methodologies, a dissertation coach is a sounding  board, a cheerleader,  and even editor. We'll cross  the proposal and defense stages together! With a monthly plan, you'll get access to a portal of resources, writing support groups, and private forums to talk with other writers.




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