Serving as an introduction to emotional intelligence, this half-day, full-day, or even one hour workshop helps participants understand the importance of self awareness, emotional regulation, and explores how teams with a diversity of emotional awareness abilities can work well together. Many workshops include individual, personalized assessments and activities are designed to explore how individual traits contribute to team strengths and opportunities. Check out sample learning outcomes and assessment tools.

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Developing an Emotionally Intelligent You

More than your typical course, a curriculum of 12, 1.5 hour lessons and activities, typically facilitated over 6 or 12 weeks, or combined into a 3-4 day workshop, this course is a deep dive into self-awareness and tactics to regulate intense emotions by calling out unproductive feelings, restructuring thought processes that lead to sabotaging actions, and creating an action plan for handling difficult situations that might arise. It also explores conflict management and social relationship skills. At the conclusion of the course, research shows participants have a lower level of anxiety and depression, and higher ability to manage their environment and handle stress. Want to implement this course for your organization or campus? Let us facilitate a train-the-trainer, and provide you all of the materials you need to successfully launch an applied emotional intelligence course in your organization or on your campus! Check out sample learning outcomes and assessment tools.


Dear Ally!

A Gender Inclusivity Training

What if you thought of the term "Ally" as a verb, instead of a noun? What does active allyship mean and how might your organization or campus benefit from understanding the unique challenges of LGBTQ+ populations? This program gives participants more confidence in understanding the gender and sexuality spectrum, the ability to practice effective listening and communication, as well as advocacy. Check out sample learning outcomes and assessment tools.

This workshop can be facilitated in-person, virtually, over 1.5 hours, 3 hours, or a full-day depending on the level of concepts being explored.



Empathy as a tool.

Reflecting on your own story, and connecting with others.

An event for organizations of any size, through facilitated dialogue, pairing, and visual creation, participants identify moments in their lived experience which resonate powerfully with them today; what is their motivational motto, words of wisdom from peers or family members they carry with them, or a moment which shaped who they are today?


The event concludes with the creation of a memento to honor the experience: a photo, artwork, piece of jewelry, or other item tailored to your organization's interests.


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