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Dr. Brandon Barile is a student affairs professional, emotional intelligence and leadership facilitator, instructor of LGBT Studies courses, and researcher into LGBTQ+ issues. He has authored courses on developing effective leadership training and An Emotionally Intelligent You, a guidebook for college students to develop their emotional intelligence.





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From direct applied emotional intelligence workshops, to train-the-trainers and curricular/co-curricular design, EmpoweredSelf Workshops create an individualized approach to empowering your participants to be effective leaders.

Whether for large, keynote addresses, or small gatherings or discussions, let's talk about the state of higher education, co-curricular learning, or getting people motivated to work with each other and towards a common purpose.

If you're looking for resources that you can use on your own, such as lesson plans, tools to use with staff or students, or even a token for your every day empowerment, check out my store! I know, I know...he has a store? Well, everyone could use a little bit more empowerment their life, don't you think? Why not get yours here?!


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