The ability to recognize your own feelings, the why behind your reactions, and what you believe about yourself.


The ability to breakdown your responses and make choices that may lead to productive outcomes. Adjusting your own behavior to remain responsive vs. reactive.

Social Awareness

Accurately perceiving emotions in others, using empathy to regulate your own emotions, and attempting to understand the experiences of others.

Social Relationships

Interacting with others to communicate clearly, demonstrate awareness and validation of their emotional state, and positively influencing others.

How do you know the people who benefit the most are those who entered the room with lower resiliency skills or comfort with their emotions?

A recent study of participants who had taken an emotional intelligence assessment prior to a workshop (the MEIQ was administered approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the workshop) showed that the individuals who answered questions such as "I found personal value in the workshop" and "I am able to apply the concepts learned in the workshop to my work"with the highest level of agreement (i.e. "strongly agree") were the participants who scored the lowest on the 'resilience' and 'comfort with emotions' subscales of the MEIQ. The correlation was statistically significant. 


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