Leading. Listening. Learning.


We can all talk. We can all profess. But, it takes skill to lead authentic and interactive dialogue across a variety of participants.


Stories communicate lessons, values, morals, current and antiquated history. The most important story is the story we tell ourselves, about ourselves.


One-on-one, in front of a classroom, or a crowd, let's interrogate belief structures to ensure they're productive, inclusive, and recognize the unique experiences of everyone.


Tapping into participants' lived experiences to enhance empathy and community, Brandon focuses on gender inclusivity, how 'norms' are communicated through policy and practice, and develops empathy through applied emotional intelligence. A student affairs professional, emotional intelligence and leadership skills developer, instructor of LGBT Studies and communication courses, and researcher into LGBTQ+ issues, Brandon has authored courses on developing effective leadership training and An Emotionally Intelligent You, a guidebook for college students to develop their emotional intelligence. Brandon provides insight into building connections across often-siloed organizations.

Recognized nationally for research and locally for practice, Brandon is committed to advocating for social justice and equity, whether it is in the classroom, through the creation of co-curricular programming, fundraising, or training participants to challenge their belief systems and build inclusive communities. 


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