On Your Own


With literally over 100 self assessments, it has never been easier to, through scenario and self-rating questions, understand your strengths and get feedback on growth opportunities. Our assessments cover many areas, including:

  • Goal-setting

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Career Motivation

  • Team vs Individual Preference

  • Management Skills

  • Multiple Intelligence Testing

  • Communication Skills

  • Self-Esteem

  • and many more….

360 Orbits

Getting feedback from multiple stakeholders provides a more robust opportunity for reflection, understanding of strengths, and working toward continuous improvement. Learn more about conducting an employee evaluation, leadership inventory, or understanding the health of your team by engaging in a 360 orbit assessment. Not only do you receive detailed results, but tangible action plans to assist in your goals.

Team Assessments

Any of the self-assessments can be delivered directly to a client, or to a group. As group, our assessments provide a key opportunity to understand group dynamics and for you (or us) to plan a training to build a team and improve performance.

Assessments can be delivered in a way that results are available immediately after the member takes the assessment, or withheld and delivered directly to the leader.


Most clients choose to pair an assessment with another service, such as individual coaching or a group training and event. In many cases, self or group assessments may be included in the fee for your appointment or event. Traditionally, adding an assessment to workshop is an investment of $49 per person; for a 360 orbit, most assessments start at $99.  Not looking for coaching, or prefer to learn about yourself on your own?

Not a problem!

You can purchase your own self-assessments or provide assessments to your team and review the results on your own right from our site!

Assessments range from $29 to $49, depending on the assessment. With a thirty minute consulting conversation to maximize tangible action plans, the investment is $70-$100.


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