Reflecting on your social comfort and self-awareness is helpful, but imagine taking an assessment that connects your emotional intelligence with your field, and provides tangible ways for you to implement feedback. Imagine not only reading those results, but also participating in an active consulting conversation to help you maximize your plan and work towards successfully implementing a development plan to maximize your own emotional intelligence, and increase your positive impact on others. If you're looking to complete only the EQ assessment without a consulting session, click here! This isn't an automated system--I'm a real person setting you up with an assessment that will work for you! If I'm sleeping or working with someone else, it could take a few minutes to get you started. 

Payments are accepted via Venmo, Paypal, or P.O. 

You will be contacted after booking for payment, your personalized code, directions to access your assessment and results, and directions for your telephone/video call.

1-1 Assessment & Feedback Session!


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