We Are Exhausted.

We are a two dad family.

And yes, we get nervous when our daughter tries to hold both of our hands. We are sometimes afraid to oblige and show our love depending on where we are and what we are doing. We shouldn't feel this way.

It brings us to tears when she says she does not want someone to know that she has two dads. It brings us to tears when she tells us she was made fun of for having two dads.

Even at our own wedding, we felt like we could only dance for a few seconds before inviting others to join us on the dance floor. At our own wedding, our best friends had to monitor our message tree to make sure others' dates weren't posting inappropriate messages.

The fact that, only until recently, we had to be fearful if we could make choices for each other should an emergency happen--that we were not able to have the same marital privileges as our friends.

This is about a shooting. This is about a man who pulled a semi automatic gun on a safe space for LGBT folks. Deep down, it's also about a belief system that targets and places me and family in a second class status.

We need you to be vocal that we don't deserve this. We need you to be vocal that homophobia is not acceptable.

We need you to be vocal because we're exhausted.


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