The Impostor Series

70% of individuals experience impostor syndrome.

One of my favorite concepts to talk about is impostor syndrome. Even just typing the word "impostor" makes me laugh. I type, look back at the word, think "should that be an 'e'?" then google the spelling, think about if I should revise it. All that ruminating over a simple letter!

For your information, impostor can be spelled with either an 'e' or an 'o' (see Grammarist reference by clicking here).

All that over a simple letter--but it's the perfect example of what impostor syndrome really is. The persistent and nagging feeling that you are not enough, that your successes were by chance versus talent, and that someone will soon find out you "don't belong." This syndrome can be persistent in all of life or just some aspects of your life. It's a feeling that others do it better than you--so, perhaps you feel it in your job, relationship, or parenthood. Or, all of the above.

NBC News reported that nearly 70% of individuals experience impostor syndrome. Do you?

Over the next few weeks, I'll explore my own experiences and causes of impostor syndrome and have also invited some friends to share their stories via guest blogs. Some are moms who are overcoming the feeling everyday as it relates to parenthood, others are transgender individuals who feel like society has disregarded them, some are executive producers or writers in Hollywood. I arguably say everyone has experienced impostor syndrome at some level. I look forward to sharing my story and having others share theirs! Feel free to also share yours.


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