This (Un)Scripted Life

Updated: May 29, 2019

"You need to meet this person!!" said TJ.

A mutual friend arranged for us to meet while fate had us both on the west coast, near LA, at the same time. Over coffee, we were introduced and her energy transferred immediately to me during our first hug. Her smile was contagious and her eyes quickly told me she was listening to me. TJ just watched us talk, realizing he had connected two people with a similar commitment to spreading a message of personal empowerment.

I was struggling to find vision to the business that I had started--I had so many interests and ideas, and everyone was telling me to find a single focus. I was not only missing a focus, but I began interpreting all their suggestions as failure messages, and was starting to lose my inner worth.

Lizzy was different.

I explained to her all of my thoughts, dreams, and ideas.

"But," I lamented, "I guess I need to find a focus."

"We're just multipassionate," she said, firmly speaking the words that helped me realize that everyone giving me advice on how to discriminate against my interests (and compartmentalize key aspects of my life), suggesting to identify one singular audience, could take their opinions somewhere else.

I appreciated her words and, a small gift of her self-made art, that inspired me to remember that no one gets to create my definition of what authenticity means to me. She has pushed me to remind myself that there's no script to live by--we live an unscripted life!

Lizzy's lettering is beautiful. She has an ability to capture inspiration and empowerment in her simple words-turned-artwork. Her encouraging statements of encouragement don't end in her art, either. She leads empowerment retreats meant to reconnect individuals to their soul's purpose. She invites participants to bravely connect to their authenticity.

There hasn't been a day I haven't been blessed with an affirmation or a simple "hey beautiful!" which puts a smile on my face after every message!

And, she recognizes that empathy isn't just a "things will get better" statement, but rather seeking a deeper understanding of one's experience, feelings, and personally connecting over a struggle or similar experience, reverberating a powerful message of "we'll get through this together."

And, she's allowing me to share her amazing lettering at FLX Pride in June and, after their launch at FLX Pride, be available in my online shop,! I'll be the first New York state vendor to have her lettering available through my empowerment shop.

I hope you take a look and are as inspired at least a fraction of the amount that Lizzy inspires me! Her Instagram is the perfect dose of daily empowerment (@lizzyrussinko)


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