Feeling Cards

Feeling Cards


Let kids use their imagination while being introduced to unique feelings words that they can use to express themselves! Emotional literacy is one of the first skills needed in order to successfully manage your emotions. Teaching these skills to kids at an early age allows them to be more expressive and productive. Both packs of laminated, FEELING CARDS have rounded corners (no pointy edges!), are highly durable, and come with a plastic carrying case! Beautiful illustrations by artist Jasmine T. Mills!


The extended deck comes with two decks of cards so kids can easily play pair/matching games with all 33 feelings! 


Each extended deck of cards includes ($9.99):

  • 64 Unique Feeling Cards (33 Unique Feelings with a matching/pair card) with illustrations by artist Jasmine Mills
  • 10 "Tell Me About That" Feeling Prompt Cards
  • 2 Feeling Word Inventory List Cards
  • 1 Crowd Card, showing all faces within the deck
  • 1 "Go Fishing" Direction Card
  • 1 "My Face Says What!?" Direction Card
  • 1 "Feeling It" Direction Card
  • 1 "Face The Crowd" Direction Card
  • 1 "Mix & Match" Direction Card
  • 1 "Tell Me About That" Direction Card
  • 1 "Face The Feels" Direction Card
  • 1 Extended Deck Inventory Card


The standard deck ($6.99) includes:

  • 50 Feeling Cards (25 Unique Feelings with a matching/pair card) with illustrations by artist Jasmine Mills.
  • 1 "Crowd" Card, a card with all feeling faces.
  • 1 Feeling Word Inventory Card
  • 1 Inventory Card
  • 1 Directions Card with game names and quick directions


In preparation for remote learning, double your order for $4.99! Order one deck of cards, and get a 2nd for $4.99! Use the drop-down for special pricing. If you use quantity (for example, you choose "2" of "Yes, double my order," you'll be purchasing a total of four decks). 


Product Details:

Heavy weight stock – 300gsm – UV Gloss Coating

Full color

All decks are standard size 2.5″ x 3.5″


REVIEW: "THIS is sooo important. As a first time parent, this was one of the first things we realized we weren’t doing well with our son. We would always acknowledge feelings but not necessarily help him label or associate a word with that feeling as they were occurring. Which in turn led to Will just getting frustrated because he couldn’t express what he was feeling, he didn’t know, and we were missing the piece in guiding him through it completely. Love Love Love this!"

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