Imposter Syndrome Bingo! (Free)

Imposter Syndrome Bingo! (Free)


Imposter syndrome is a feeling that everyone else is better at something (be it school, a class, in the workplace) and that you don't belong. Imposter syndrome causes us to question our own self-worth, be in debt to others for mistakes, and lack an understanding that failure is an opportunity for growth. 


In this activity, have participants circle or check off statements they have told themselves either presently or in the past. In my class, I then ask people to raise their hand if they circled at least one statement. Chances are everyone has told themselves at least one of the statements. This visually demonstrates that EVERYONE experiences imposter syndrome at least once--and, how can you be the "odd one out"--an imposter--if you're in a room FULL of imposters?!? Bingo has been updated to include versions for younger children, "tweens," and young adults. The free activity also includes journal prompts!


You can also play as a bingo--call out the statements and ask people to check off or use placeholders if they've experienced the statement.

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