Module 1: Navigating This Course

We're excited to have you! Here are some tips on navigating the course and getting the most out of your journey.

In Gender Inclusivity, A Brave Space, we explore the concepts of sexuality and gender. The course "queers" the concepts of sexuality, expression, and identity by discussing how society communicates what is "acceptable" behavior, and the course calls out ways to challenge those gendered behaviors to create positive, accepting communities. The course is also fun! This module describes the general setup of the course, how best to navigate the information and interactive components, and how to access your online (or downloadable) journal for end of lesson reflections. Let's get started!


This module includes the following lessons:

The Basics

Practice to navigating the course while learning the basics of the LGBTQ+ terms.

For the introductory lesson below, download the course journal (and print for your reference), watch the lesson video to understand how the course is structured, and practice writing in your online journal.

Done with all of the lessons? Complete the module's closing activity below!

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