Module 2: First Impressions

When did you first learn that some people were gay? transgender?

“My family subscribed to this rigid belief system. They were unaware of the reality that gender, like sexuality, exists on a spectrum. By punishing me, they were performing the socially sanctioned practice of hammering the girl out of me, replacing her with tenets of gender-appropriate behavior. Though I would grow up to fit neatly into the binary, I believe in self-determination, autonomy, in people having the freedom to proclaim who they are and define gender for themselves. Our genders are as unique as we are. No one's definition is the same, and compartmentalizing a person as either a boy or a girl based entirely on the appearance of genitalia at birth undercuts our complex life experiences.” 

- Janet Mock 

Wow! There are a ton of words in that quote by Janet Mock, one of the most pivotal women in the entertainment industry. She is a director, producer, journalist, and more. She is also transgender. Your life experience up until this point truly shapes how you view LGBTQ+ people. This could depend on: 

  • how you grew up

  • where you grew up

  • what church you may have went to

  • how your parents, family, and friends talked about LGBTQ+ people

  • what films or television shows you watched

In this module, we're going to explore your first impressions of LGBTQ+ people and discuss how media has evolved from "the comical gay" and "transgender crime victim" to a more holistic representation.


This module includes the following lessons:

First Impressions

Let's go back in time, shall we?!?

1) Calming the Beast

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2) Writing your journal

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After watching the video above, scroll through the three lessons below. Use the journal to reflect on your first impressions and watch the resource videos. When you're done, be sure to complete the assignment!

  • First Impressions Worksheet

    Okay. Not too much time travel. But, maybe to when you were  kid? 

    I want us to think about the first time you learned that people could be LGBTQ+. The first time you heard or learned about any of those letters! You can either use the journal to reflect, or download the lesson document and reflect in writing.

    Use your journal to reflect on these three questions: 􏰺􏰛 􏰻􏰙􏰃􏰋
    1) When is the first time you remember learning that someone could be not straight?
    2) When is the first time you remember learning that someone could be transgender, or "have a sex change?"
    3) Where did most of your first impressions come from (e.g. family, work, church, television, news)?
    4) How have your beliefs changed over time, if they have?

  • lots





  • Bingo











Done with all of the lessons? Complete the module's closing activity below!

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