Module 3: Key Vocabulary

Vocabulary is everything.

Vocabulary is everything. 

You hear someone say something, like "asexual," but you're not sure what it means. You hear someone say they use "they/them"  pronouns, but what's a pronoun. Let's get some vocabulary straight. Pun. Intended.

But, just so you know, words and their definitions are  constructed and meanings over time and space. This iso *so* true in thevocabularies of sexuality and gender. It's most important to never, ever, use a word you know to assign meaning to someone else's experience. Respect how people describe themselves and their place in our society—their relationships, identities, practices, and communities in which they belong. 

What do I mean by this? Let's say you know a person who likes men and women. Okay, from the lessons below, that might be called "bisexual." But,  your friend says "I'm queer!" You shouldn't, ever, correct them to say "you mean bisexual!"

Our lessons are split into "Ingredients of Sexuality and Gender" units. Why? Some words connect better with other words, that's all. Let's get started. 


This module includes the following lessons:

Biological Things

What's the difference between sex and gender?

Stop Saying These!

So, yes, there are words you SHOULD NOT SAY ANYMORE.

All Things Gender

So, what genders are there?

Sexual & Romantic Orientations

So, what about, who likes who?

Gender Expressions

What about the way you dress, act, or present yourself?

View each "Ingredient" list below and associated videos. Follow prompts for journal and assignment reflections, as well!


Activities and resources for this module!

Crossword Answer Key

LGBTQ+ Crossword

Done with all of the lessons? Complete the module's closing activity below!

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