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Emotional Intelligence. Empowerment. Organizational leadership. Organizational culture. LGBTQ+ Identity.

I’m lucky that I get to speak about what I am passionate about: higher education, developing young adults, and creating a hunger for empowerment and living authentically. At the end of each talk, you will leave inspired to implement an action plan.



I’ve had the opportunity to speak with high school students, college students, young professionals, and senior leaders on emerging trends in education, including a focus on gender, empowerment, authentic leadership, and emotional intelligence. Understanding these core concepts can lead to stronger team dynamics and a better understanding of motivation.

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Looking to work as a group? A designed custom group conversation, classroom activity, workshop, or formal a keynote speech? One hour, half day, full day, or more! Studies who developing emotional intelligence leads to better leadership skills, higher ability to handle stress, and a decrease in depression and anxiety. In the EmpoweredSelf workshop, we’ll cover concepts that will get your group thinking, motivating each other, and working towards lasting productivity and empowerment. Workshops are geared towards your organization.


Workshops can also include customized, individual feedback via our MEIQ Emotional Intelligence assessment, with group and individual participant results. We can quickly and thoroughly evaluate the “where we are” in order to know the best way to achieve an empowered team or group. Self-assessments and team assessments can help provide an inside look on your everyday experiences and help draft a plan of action, either on your own, or together.


If you're looking to develop an emotional intelligence-based program for your own participants, I can assist in developing learning outcomes, activities, assessments, and materials that will maximize their experience. I offer custom designed curriculum with your participants' and organization's needs in mind.


Or, if you wish to use a pre-designed, highly proven curriculum for your campus or organization, you can be trained to implement the curriculum in your setting, customized to your organization.

"I enjoyed every second of the workshop. I think it allowed me to see all my coworkers in a new light, and be able to actually get to know people. Dr. Brandon B. Barile opened the conversation by sharing his own personal stories and allowed us to learn in a true safe space. There’s nothing I would change in this workshop in order to maximize the impact. Also, I can’t stop thinking about the line activity, where I learned that even though one of my feelings might have been “thoughtful”, in the moment others see “angry” and “spiteful” or “hurt”, that activity really opened my eyes to sharing more of my opinions. Thank you!" - Participant (IT Services Workshop)

"Brandon keeps an audience engaged and always excited about what’s to come."- Participant (SUNY Geneseo)

"One important factor that I took away from the presentation was the importance of understanding our own consciousness and how it affects our moods and the way we carry ourselves. The notion of we choose to be angry/worried/frustrated was something that I found to be very insightful. The means to combat those negative emotions by objectively looking at them and the source is something I will certainly take away for my personal life in addition to leadership style."- Participant (Ithaca College)


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