Whether speaking as part of a keynote talk to large audiences, facilitating in-depth concepts through a balance of discussion and presentation, or using hands-on activities, Brandon can tailor a speaking engagement or workshop to kindergarteners, college students, and working professionals. 



The core value of all concept competency is empathy development. When we build empathetic communities, kids are more likely to give themselves grace as they learn new skills, college students more likely to achieve their goals, and adults are more likely to attempt to understand others' experiences. Brandon facilitates rather than professes, allowing participants to draw important, real-life connections to the content. 

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Workshops are great opportunities to break large groups into small, discussion-based approaches to develop competency, online or in-person. Whether you want to explore queer concepts (such as history, intersectionality, or evolving a workplace into accepting communities of practice) or personal empowerment (applied emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, and motivation), workshops are effective ways to facilitate content acquisition and application.


Workshops can also include customized workbooks and individual feedback via our assessment portal, such as the MEIQ Emotional Intelligence assessment, with group and individual participant results. We can quickly and thoroughly evaluate the “where we are” in order to know the best way to achieve a competent and empowered team or group. Assessments are a great way to demonstrate the learning that occurred and demonstrate the effectiveness of the workshop and use of your budget. Self-assessments and team assessments can help provide an inside look on your everyday experiences and help draft a plan of action, either on your own, or together.

"I enjoyed every second of the workshop. I think it allowed me to see all my coworkers in a new light, and be able to actually get to know people. Dr. Brandon B. Barile opened the conversation by sharing his own personal stories and allowed us to learn in a true safe space. There’s nothing I would change in this workshop in order to maximize the impact. Also, I can’t stop thinking about the line activity, where I learned that even though one of my feelings might have been “thoughtful”, in the moment others see “angry” and “spiteful” or “hurt”, that activity really opened my eyes to sharing more of my opinions. Thank you!"