The 2020 Conversation:

Engaging Self, Families, and Workplaces in Conversations around Gender, Race, and Sexuality.

Monday,  August 3, 2020

4:00pm Eastern Time

One hour and 30 minutes

One hour webinar plus  30-minutes Q&A

$396 $39


Live Webinar
Member only discussion boards

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Are you ready to join The 2020 Conversation?

The hands of two colleagues in a meeting

You’re getting a lot of things right, but you know you could be

doing more to reflect on your behavior, articulate inclusivity values to others, and be an active ally.

You may be wondering how to be an active ally, how to evolve your classroom or office to be more inclusive, and how to engage even your family members in understanding the importance of social justice.


And, all of this during a divisive election period.  

A non-binary person using a laptop at wo

There are a lot of webinars, panels, and trainings out there.  

So what makes this one different

It's a real conversation!

Every single speaker has specialized in diversity, equity, and inclusion work, with a diverse set of work and personal experiences, making it a whole lot more applicable to you. Plus, you'll receive access to discussions, downloadable resources, and more.

A conversation that promises to
  • Educate you on key terms 

  • Help you be aware of data and facts to combat conjecture and dangerous assumptions

  • Affirm individuals in your life through understanding of history, social movements, and identity

  • Provide tips to engage in dialogue around diversity

  • Empower and evolve communities close to you, whether they are offices, classrooms, or even families, to engage in critical conversations around gender, race, and sexuality


The Speakers

Dr. Brandon Barile

With a doctorate in organizational leadership, and empathy their core value, Dr. Brandon Barile (they/them) facilitates participants of all ages and professions in creating queer-accepting and culturally competent communities, with congruent policies and procedures that support the LGBTQ+ community. Brandon has served as a student affairs administrator for over fifteen years and holds faculty appointments in LGBT and Communication Studies.

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Kelly Craig

Kelly Craig, MPA is a native of Buffalo, New York. For the past 10 years she has worked for Evergreen Health where she is currently the Grant Quality Manager. In this role, Kelly provides internal audits and supportive services for the agency’s grant funded programs. Kelly recently earned a Masters of Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. Kelly's work in the LGBTQIA communities span over 20 years. Kelly is the co-parent of 2 nieces who are the joy of her life. Kelly is also the show director and emcee at Club Marcella and the producer of Buffalo Drag Brunch, a monthly drag brunch in Buffalo, New York.    

Craig, Kelly - Professional Headshot.jpg

Darnell L. Pierce


Darnell L. Pierce is the owner of COADQ Entertainment, LLC., which is an LGBTQ entertainment business that focuses on creating educational and whimsical experiences on college campuses.  Darnell is a co-owner of the Miss Gay Finger Lakes pageant, and works full-time at Bard College as a campus administrator.  Darnell is a Soldier in the Army National Guard, and is a dog dad to the world's cutest, and most well-behaved chihuahua, Nova.

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Solomé Rose

Solomé Rose (she/her) has over a decade of experience advancing racial equity and social justice in public health and higher education. She currently serves as the director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York. In an effort to transform more organizations into equitable spaces, her personal consulting firm helps organizations translate their commitment to racial equity into meaningful action and measurable results.

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Skye Tooley

Skye Tooley (they/them/theirs) has been an educator for seven years and works toward creating inclusive curriculum for their classroom and for K-12 educators. They focus on designing and integrating units for elementary classrooms that incorporate identity, diversity, justice and action. Skye is currently working in Los Angeles Unified and is working to bringing awareness around LGBTQ+ inclusivity in and out of education through their co-shared Patreon “Growing Outside the Binary." 

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Cornell Verdeja-Woodson

Cornell Verdeja-Woodson (he/him) is the founder and CEO of Brave Trainings LLC. He has spent his career, spanning over 10 years, engaging people in the tough conversations that have led to a deeper understanding of the world around us. Cornell believes that authentic dialogue, an understanding of our history, as well as direct and consistent action are key to creating a more inclusive environment.

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Are you ready to join the conversation?

A genderqueer person looking at their ph

What's Included?

Weekly participant-only discussion boards leading  up to  the webinar ($49 value)

Access to the live, educational webinar via GoToMeeting (a $199 value) and a live Q&A after the webinar!

Access to the replay (a $49 value)

$10 gift card for QueerlyEmpowered, a gift and bookstore focusing on LGBTQ+ empowerment (a $10 value)


Participant only access to downloadable resources, personal and professional, for your exclusive use. (a $89 value)  

A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project and The Bail Project

The complete summit package is worth $396

 You can access for $39!

Plus, all participants get access to the Let's Unpack That! series from Brave Trainings, including a $500 discount to
any team-oriented future training!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for educators?    

No! This virtual summit has been created to meet both personal and professional needs! All of the content will apply to a wide variety of careers, and particularly be powerful for personal reflection and engagement.


Is this free?    

The speakers are experts in their field and are dedicated to making sure you get the most of this experience. To have the webinar hosted on GoToWebinar and commit to having an ASL interpreter to ensure more global accessibility, to make sure our speakers devote time to planning, and providing you after-webinar resources, an access code to the webinar is $39. A portion of the proceeds also benefit The Trevor Project and The Bail Project.

For an access code, you may have as many people as you'd like in the room with you! Also, there are discounts available for non-profit organizations and teachers. Codes will be posted on a variety of social media platforms.


If the webinar is cost-prohibitive,  please reach out to and inquire about a discount code. 

You are welcome to engage in the weeklong discussion on social media without registering for the webinar. Also, if you're in a position to sponsor a scholarship to the webinar for a hopeful participant, please contact

That's quite the discount! Why the price drop?

As a collaborative effort, we recognize the financial impact of COVID-19 on educators, institutions of higher education and K-12 education, organizations, as well as individuals with limited income during these unprecedented times. Aligning to our core value of equity and social justice, access to this webinar is important to us, and we created a price structure that covers only the necessary costs while being affordable and accessible to as many participants as possible.

When is this whole thing happening?    

The virtual live workshop is August 3, 2020 at 4pm EST. However, we'll kick off the previous week with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook discussions, and follow with resources you can use after the event!


Will all the speakers get my email address?    

No! You will not be subscribed to any mailing list of the panelists.


Are the presentations live?    

Yes! Speakers are not only providing their ideas live during the webinar, but are also available via chat. After a Q&A period, the speakers will also be available in a breakout room for other questions for 30 minutes.

Are you still accepting speakers?    

All of our speakers for this summit have been hand-picked. However, we're open to additional affiliates or potential speakers for our next virtual webinar. If you're interested in details or being considered for our next webinar, email the organizer,


Are the videos captioned or transcribed?

We will be using GoToWebinar and there will be an ASL interpreter available. While the live webinar will not be captioned, the video replay, available to participants, will be.


I still have questions!    

No problem! Shoot an email over to the webinar's coordinator, and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.